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In Honor of Judge Stratton

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April 22, 2009

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In Honor of Mike Casey

Resolution in Honor of and Respect for

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April 22, 2009

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It's A Great Time To Be A Democrat In Shelby County!

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Adam Edelen To Be Jefferson Jackson Keynote Print

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen will be the keynote speaker at the Shelby County Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner this year!

Mark your calendars for April 10 at Claudia Sanders Dinner House!

Meet and greet starts at 5:30.  Dinner is at 6:30.  Guest speakers start at 7:00.

All Democratic candidates on the Shelby County ballot have been invited.

Tickets are $40.  For more info contact Ann Ellerkamp at 502-321-7644.

Gov. Beshear Comes Out Swinging for the ACA Print

From The National Journal:

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The excitement at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast is usually over how high the bids will go when a ham is auctioned. But this year, it came when Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear made an emotional case for the Affordable Care Act as a chance to change his state's long history of poor health.

It was not what anyone expected—least of all Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, who sat stone-faced onstage with Beshear as he unloaded on them without using names.

Thus did the 50th annual ham breakfast at the state fair become a showcase for national divisions and passions, with some 1,600 diners as witnesses.

The mayor of Louisville, Democrat Greg Fischer, set a light mood with a brag-fest about his city's food and restaurant scene and the nearby farmers who have helped make Louisville "the national leader" in the local food movement, "on all the right lists" from Zagat to Southern Living.

But within moments the breakfast crowd found themselves watching a heated Obamacare debate—the kind that normally goes on in Washington, not at Kentucky agricultural events.

Beshear was the homespun populist, appealing to people's instincts to want the best for their friends, relatives, and neighbors. The senators, surprised by the full-bore politics, struck back at the expense of the health law and its impact on business. Those were familiar arguments made by the many vocal opponents of the law, strengthened this week here by UPS's announcement that it was eliminating coverage for spouses who could be expected to get or buy coverage Jan. 1 under ACA.

Beshear's advocacy, by contrast, was striking in its intensity and in how personally he approached the issue, picking up on the idea that many people who don't have health insurance are embarrassed by that and don't talk about it.

The governor compared health insurance to "the safety net of crop insurance" and said farmers need both. He said 640,000 Kentuckians—15 percent of the state—don't have health insurance and "trust me, you know many of those 640,000 people. You're friends with them. You're probably related to them. Some may be your sons and daughters. You go to church with them. Shop with them. Help them harvest their fields. Sit in the stands with them as you watch your kids play football or basketball or ride a horse in competition. Heck, you may even be one of them."

Beshear went on to say that "it's no fun" hoping and praying you don't get sick, or choosing whether to pay for food or medicine. He also said Kentucky is at or near the top of the charts on bad-health indicators, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer deaths, and preventable hospitalizations. He said all that affects everything from productivity and school attendance to health costs and the state's image.

"We've ranked that bad for a long, long time," he said. "The Affordable Care Act is our historic opportunity to address this weakness and to change the course of the future of the commonwealth. We're going to make insurance available for the very first time in our history to every single citizen of the commonwealth of Kentucky."

About half the audience burst into applause at that point while the other half sat on their hands. But he wasn't done. He cited a study that showed the law would inject about $15.6 billion into the Kentucky economy over eight years, create 17,000 new jobs, and generate $802 million for the state budget.

"It's amazing to me how people who are pouring time and money and energy into trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act sure haven't put that kind of energy into trying to improve the health of Kentuckians. And think of the decades that they have had to make some kind of difference," Beshear finished pointedly.


Read the entire article here.

How's that shutdown working out for you, Mr. Speaker? Print

From Gallup Polling:


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With the Republican-controlled House of Representatives engaged in a tense, government-shuttering budgetary standoff against a Democratic president and Senate, the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by 28% of Americans, down from 38% in September. This is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992.


Read the entire press release here.

Gov. Beshear: "The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress and sanctioned by the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land. Get over it ... and get out of the way so I can help my people." Print

Governor Steve Beshear in the New York Times

FRANKFORT, Ky. — SUNDAY morning news programs identify Kentucky as the red state with two high-profile Republican senators who claim their rhetoric represents an electorate that gave President Obama only about a third of its presidential vote in 2012.

So why then is Kentucky — more quickly than almost any other state — moving to implement the Affordable Care Act?

Because there’s a huge disconnect between the rank partisanship of national politics and the outlook of governors whose job it is to help beleaguered families, strengthen work forces, attract companies and create a balanced budget.

It’s no coincidence that numerous governors — not just Democrats like me but also Republicans like Jan Brewer of Arizona, John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Snyder of Michigan — see the Affordable Care Act not as a referendum on President Obama but as a tool for historic change.

That is especially true in Kentucky, a state where residents’ collective health has long been horrendous. The state ranks among the worst, if not the worst, in almost every major health category, including smoking, cancer deaths, preventable hospitalizations, premature death, heart disease and diabetes.

Read the entire article here.

Happy Independence Day! Print

Your Shelby County Democratic Party wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day!

It was 237 years ago today, on July 4, 1776, that the thirteen colonies declared themselves to be part of a new nation, founded on the "self-evident" truth that...

"...all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."

Read the entire Declaration, as well as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and an excellent review of the events that led to the founding, the making of these world-shattering documents, and an examination of their lasting influence, on the Charters of Freedom pages of the National Archives website.  Just click here.


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